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Art & Worship for Groups | VineArts Boise

VineArts Boise

Art & Worship for Groups

VineArts has led many “Art & Worship” events for groups. This activity allows groups to foster the unique community of their fellowship by creating a work of art together.

To join the VineArts group that provides this service, “Edify the Church,” click here.

For most participants, this is their first experience with art. You will be astounded at the quick breakdown of people’s walls, the contagiousness of  courage, the affirmation of each person’s value, the demonstration of everyone’s contribution to the project, the evidence of God-given creativity in every person, and the spiritual connection and direction that participants come away with both individually and corporately.

We’ve hosted various groups and ministries in our studio, and we’ve gone off-campus to be guest facilitators at other venues. Some of the groups we have served include:
weekend retreat groups
university groups
youth groups
local Bible study groups
ministry teams

We’ve hosted anywhere from 10 to 80 people at each event.

We’ve also led activities for groups going through specific healing together through our “VineHEARTS” ministry. We gently lead the group through a healing process using the expression of art. We’ve hosted groups of abused women, crisis pregnancy clients, and assisted-living home residents. 

Before any art & worship event, our artists meet and pray with the group leaders. Then our team will prepare a simple format for the activity and set up the art supplies.

At the event, we invite people up to create together a few people at a time, giving everyone a turn.

Our only rule is that people can’t destroy what another person has already created, but they can add to it (for example, adding a pattern over the top without obliterating what is underneath).

To arrange an Art & Worship event for your group, contact Jessie Nilo.

Dean shares the Word with students

Lisa refilling palettes with color

art & worship moment

Eric and Kathy changing water

Students being creative

Worship leaders

Worshiping through art

Adding words

Finished after 2 hours

NNU teacher and our leaders share

Cut up for students to keep

For You