VineArts Boise

Nights of Worship & Edify the Church

Do you love to worship God through the arts? You’re invited to join our group “Edify the Church.”
To join, click this link.

We meet occasionally to worship, pray, and plan amazing hands-on projects for people to have God-encounters.

This is the part of VineArts that explores the question: How can I engage the arts to worship Christ, and see the Holy Spirit move among God’s people?

You can collaborate on entry-level projects with our art team to help us bless many of Vineyard Boise’s ministries and small groups to encounter the Living God through art. We work with our church’s pastors, worship leaders, and ministry leaders to bring a fuller expression of worship in liturgical beauty and scriptural truth to the body of Christ.

Here’s how you’ll be invited to participate… not that you’ll do it all, but here’s what our team focuses on:

… At some (not all) of our church’s nights of worship, you can choose to help set up visual art, writing, and/or poetry stations so people can create simple little expressions of love to God; or you can invent little areas of contemplation for people to engage kinetically and through the 5 senses.

… Or, you can occasionally help coordinate simple hands-on projects for Vineyard Boise’s small groups and ministries to engage more deeply with Christ and internalize the Word of God. Examples: hosting a community-inspired mosaic for a youth service; facilitating a torn-paper collage for a 12-step recovery group.

… You can assist our art team in creating installations in the sanctuary for sermon series, as The Lord leads our team. For example, we’ve illustrated certain parables of Christ, painted large abstract backdrops with mops and brooms, and suspended 500 narrow strips of black paper from thread to represent the approaching darkness of an eclipse, to name a few projects we’ve done. We’ll show you exactly what to do, don’t worry!

… For those of you interested in creating artwork live during worship, you can be trained and mentored by our art team so you can bless our church by creating artwork at gatherings of worship.

… For those of you who are interested in taking our personal prayer art training, you can bless the church by offering personal prayer art to individuals.

Our VineArts leaders who oversee “Edify the Church” have a simple desire to know God in a deeper way. Our goal isn’t to grow artistically (although that naturally happens with exposure to arts and collaboration). We just love to create in worship, we love to seek God’s face on behalf of our church, and it’s super fun collaborating and responding to God’s artistic direction as a team and individually. In fact, we benefit more than anyone from these serving opportunities. It just doesn’t get more exciting than to serve The Lord and his people through the arts.