VineArts Boise


City Outreach Team

Wanna play?

We’re convinced that the most fun way to share God’s love is the shared appreciation of beauty, coffee, conversation, and old fashioned hospitality that invites creative people to engage wonder.

To join our team in city outreach called “Love Our City,” click here.

The “Love Our City” team of VineArts is looking for grace-filled, gentle people who like to work hard and have a knack for seeking out neglected, marginalized people of all kinds to love them exactly the way they are. One gesture of kindness can draw all manner of people to the hope we have in Christ.

It’s okay if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body. It’s also okay if you have a ton of artistic experience. There’s room for everyone to play on the “Love Our City” VineArts team!

We invite you to join our team and:

… Help hang up other people’s art displays in the Front Porch Building, and help us invite the public.

Be a studio helper for VineArts Open Studio one Saturday afternoon a month, making the art studio a friendly, relaxing, and welcoming place to invite the public. For those who want training, you can even  become a studio monitor (with art store perks from Quality Art!).

… Greet and converse with the public at art openings, poetry readings, Open Mic events, etc.

Assist other arts organizations who are not affiliated with a church, some of whom may in fact have a strong dislike of churches. (And they love what we get to do together.)

Do face-painting for Garden City kids at our church’s Movie Nights.

… Look for opportunities to benefit and bless the artists and art supporters of our city.

This particular area is a large and thriving part of VineArts, so we appreciate any help you can manage to give! Sign up to be part of our team today. The rewards come in dozens of smiles, and sometime tears– a loving God’s invitation to beauty.