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Coming October 2019

Come Holy Spirit

Taking Entries mid-October
When submitting artwork, bring your physical entries and entry packet to Vineyard Boise, and type your Artist Statement(s) into this link.

Get ready for our October art exhibit entitled “Come Holy Spirit,” and explore what that means to you:

  • worship
  • healing
  • the power and love of God for us
  • being a vessel of God’s Spirit
  • what it means to be naturally supernatural today
  • the acts of God and signs and wonder in the Bible
  • exploring the roots and history of the Vineyard movement
  • celebrating God with us in our local church

Submit up to 3 art entries. Exact entry dates are still being determined (sometime in October).

Every type of art medium will be welcome: drawing, sculpture, fabric art, photography, painting, etc. Open to all ages. No entry fee. Anyone can enter, regardless of artistic experience or church membership. Pick up your required entry packet at either Vineyard Boise Church or click here to download your required entry packet materials. Click here (soon) to see the exact drop-off instructions for the “Come Holy Spirit” exhibit, along with inspiration and food for thought as you prepare your artwork.