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Online Art Ministry Course

Foundations of Art Ministry: An Online Course ($40/month)

Artists are all around you, and we want to help you serve them in wisdom, freedom, and joy. In 2015, VineArts director Jessie Nilo released a 24-Lesson Course filled with the insights of her 15+ years experience, equipping people around the world in art ministry– videos and coursework that express a plethora of different ways of loving and serving people in the name of Christ, with a special focus on visual art and creative writing. This ecumenical school is for any Christian who is either already leading/serving in arts ministry, or wants to someday in the future.

Foundations of Art Ministry is completely online and offers both a self-paced version ($40/month, jump in anytime) and a small group version (begins Sept. 2018 through May 2019).

Our video-based format is scripture and reflection-based, filled with practical lessons in leading communities of artists. Part of discussions and classwork is for you to create and report on opportunities to practice what you’re learning in your own creative communities around the world. Students interact closely with faculty and each other as they practice the foundations of visual art through a theological lens, exploring ways of lifting up and discipling creatives in the name of Christ. Our video-based instruction is taught by seasoned art ministers and faculty with years of experience ministering to artists and non-artists creatively.

Lessons include:
Bridging the Gap Between Artists
The Role of Beauty and Transcendence
Drawing and Communication: Speaking Life
Fostering Community: How to Love the Amateur Artist
Getting Unstuck in Your Own Creativity
Photography: Intro to Elements and Principles of Design (required: a camera phone, digital camera, or film camera)
Artistic Growth through Practice, Critique, and the Pursuit of Excellence
Painting with Acrylics: Color Wheel Theory
Scripture and the Imagination
Fostering Community: How to Love the Professional Working Artist
Collaboration and Jazz: The Art of Listening
Prophetic Art and Listening to God (It May Not Be What You Think It Is)
Theology and the Arts
Reaching Broken Hearts in Your City through Art
Exploration of Poetry and Metaphor
How to Serve Artists who Work in More Disciplines Than You Ever Heard of

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