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VineArts is the local art ministry of Vineyard Boise Church. We empower and equip artists and non-artists to explore and develop their God-given creativity while educating and challenging people to grow artistically and spiritually.

VineArts began in 2004 with a school desk and a hand-written signup sheet. (Click here for the story of how we began). Today this ministry has a large studio and  60 to 70 active participants at any given time, many of whom are not from our church. We’re passionate about serving God, the church, our community, and artists.

VineArts is for artists and for non-artists. That pretty much covers everyone. Why everyone?  God made everyone in His image, and that means we all are creative.

Discovering and developing your God-given creativity makes you more fully alive. We can help you find your imagination and heart. It takes courage if you’ve never been here before, or if it’s been a long time. Through art you can learn to heal, worship, appreciate, play, express, explore, and communicate.

And if you’re a career artist, we want to invest in your development. Artistically, we’ll cheer you on. Spiritually, we’ll come alongside you in your journey. Maybe you feel alone and misunderstood. Maybe perfectionism is killing you, or harsh critiques have left you wounded. As Rory Noland says, “The world doesn’t need more thick-skinned people.” Artists are created to feel deeply, and we need each other to survive. God is for you. We are for you.

Not every church has an art ministry, and not every artist has a church. So come and play, regardless of whether you’re a member of Vineyard Boise. Whether you’re in Idaho or somewhere else in the world, please join the conversation. Tell us how God’s moving in the arts in your location, or how He’s stirring your own creative heart.

Click here for stories of how this art ministry has blessed artists in their own words.

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