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The VineArts Studio is Relocating!

By on January 9, 2016

It’s official!– The VineArts studio will move next month from our current location into part of the remodeled building at 4902 Chinden Blvd. (Formerly the Quarter Barrel bar, and before that, a strip club.)

Our church recently bought the building, gutted and reshaped it to serve our city, and it seems God has creative plans for this new space. Even though I only learned about the move a week ago, huge ministry is already taking place in the new place.

Bonus: After we move out of our old (current) studio, the Vineyard’s youth ministry will move in! I’m super happy for our youth group to have a place to call their own!

This week I spent a lot of time in the new, empty building while deep in prayer, and I was unexpectedly visited by (and ended up praying for) five different artists in the name of Christ. Sawdust is still on the floor, but the ambiance is glorious.

I love this place already.

I’ve been drawn to this new building for many months now, without knowing why. So when my pastor approached me last week with this idea, I felt like I was walking on the clouds.

We desire to follow God’s glory, wherever He’s leading us, together.

4 Reasons to be Excited about the New Studio

1. More Making the Invisible God Visible

Lately there’s been a spark of interest in VineArts by a community of Garden City teenagers. The kids love walking over to hang out in the art studio and the main hallways of our church, looking for stuff to do. While making art, they’ve been sharing rich emotional stuff with me about their lives. And I’ve had the privilege of sharing God with them.

Why do they attend? For the free wifi.

Why do they stay? For belonging, fun, and creativity; for coffee, encouragement, and relationship… and also for something (art) to take home with them, to give to the people they love.

With a new studio directly on Chinden (by a future bus stop!), we think these kinds of encounters will only grow from here.

2. More Opportunities to Create

The VineArts team is ecstatic about the better lighting, large industrial steel sink, polished concrete floor, and space for a kiln. We’ll be able to tackle an expanded repertoire of mediums such as clay, cast pewter, and glass, to name a few. True, it’s a smaller space than the building we’re leaving behind, about two-thirds the size; but we see it as a blank canvas and an opportunity to re-organize, anticipating what comes next.

3. More Opportunities with Artists

We’ll keep giving low-cost art classes just like we’ve done for nearly twelve years. Plus, with increased options for more types of classes, we’ll invite artists from around the country to teach in our studio and display their art in our new gallery, housed in the multi-purpose room. Inviting more artists invites rich conversations.

Once, an artist told me, after hanging out with us for a year: “Don’t take this the wrong way, but it seems you guys can’t even wipe off a counter around here without talking about Jesus. Why is that?” I responded by asking why he talks all the time about drawing. “Oh, because I love drawing. I can’t imagine living my life without doing art.” “It’s the same reason,” I replied. “When you’re in love with Jesus, you can’t help talking about what He’s doing in your life, and you can’t imagine your life without Him.”

4. The Back Patio

Yes. The back patio will be really cool. Come see it, along with everything else, at our Grand Opening! (Date to be announced; check back on this website in a couple months.)

Trust is a Theme Here

“I love this opportunity,” Dean Estes says. “It is a wonderful growth step for us. We’ve learned a ton about art in the Church and our Father has been faithful and has trusted us with the lives of others. None of us knows who He’s about to bring to us and where it will lead us. Personally this opportunity (to me) is a statement of thanks and trust. Thank You Father, I’m very excited!”

Lisa Marten agrees. “In Garden City, For Garden City,” she says, echoing Pastor Trevor’s vision for loving our city. “It’s an honor to be trusted and to be asked to be the ministry that would inhabit that dwelling (that is so visible to our city). May we hold this honor carefully in our paint and clay stained hands. And may we be open arms, listening ears, and quenching drinks to thirsty creative hearts to all who wander through those doors. Let us never stop listening in on and entering into the conversations God is already having with people. We’ll keep doing what we do… painting on people’s lives.”

Enjoy the 2-minute video tour, and please keep us in your prayers. We think this will be a naturally supernatural environment for ministry, prayer, creativity, and conversation to happen in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

Jessie Nilo, Director of VineArts

Building details: The west half of the building (with the bar counter, tables, and chairs in it) will remain multi-purpose, used by several ministries as a classroom space. It’s also where we’ll host lots of art, music, and poetry events—and hold art displays on First Thursdays, advertised in local publications. To volunteer, contact Jessie at

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