VineArts Boise

Art During Services

Lately we’ve been providing art tables to allow people to express what God is doing inside them through visual and written means. We open the tables before the worship music starts, and we keep them open during the sermon so that artists can stay there and process the spoken Word, even during the sermon.

The tables include pastels, watercolors, collage, charcoal, and similar mediums that are accessible in terms of completion time, ability ranges, and cleanup.

We didn’t want the sign to convey that “only artists” are allowed over here. After all, a very high percentage of even the most accomplished artists feel inadequate and are constantly worried about being compared to other artists. Therefore, our sign says:

“Art Tables: You’re invited to respond to God by MAKING STUFF during today’s service in Quiet Contemplation. Please no unattended children.”

This seems to be working very well!