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Culinary Arts

“Nothing could be finer than Ruthie’s Diner, or should I say Culinary Arts Workshop! We had so much FUN. Sharing the day with four moms, three young boys, and a young lady, the kids all telling their moms to let them ‘do it themselves.’ These workshops not only give me a chance to share my heritage (cooking I learned with my mom), but it also gives us a chance to how creative we can be within a small budget. I have gained 8 new friends who love being Culinary Artists.” –Ruth Hamilton after teaching “Lunchable Treats Kids Will Eat!” (Oct. 2010)

Love being creative in the kitchen? Our culinary arts has some tasty offerings for you! Gather with other cooking enthusiasts in the Vineyard’s state-of-the-art professional kitchen to learn how to prepare simple yet delicious meals, appetizers, and desserts. Bless your friends, groups, and fellow ministries with an abundance of food on a shoestring budget.

Absolute beginners and expert cooks alike welcome.

Have an idea for a culinary workshop? E-mail us and tell us your ideas!