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We offer a variety of affordable, educational classes in different media for both kids and adults.

“Discover Scratchboard!” (Limit 10 students)

Cost: $6  •  REGISTER HERE
Instructor: Patrick Slaughter
Sat. April 29, 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM in the VineArts Studio

Age 16 +. Draw by scratching lines into black inked clayboard using sharp instruments and crosshatching. Enjoy learning this subtractive method of drawing. For beginners and up; all levels welcome! Patrick will explain the origins and interesting history of scratchboard, give you some fun demonstrations, and provide various references of flowers and other objects and scenes for you to lightly trace onto your scratchboard and draw in class. You’ll learn styles of crosshatching, shading, texturing, tracing designs, and even fixing mistakes in this workshop. Class size is limited. All supplies and fees are included in the cost.


“Handbuilding with Clay: Coil and Slab” (Limit 10 students) 

Cost: $10  •  REGISTER HERE
Instructor: Kathy Nelson
Sat. May 13, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM in the VineArts Studio

Age 15 +. Create beautiful clay creations using coil/slab along with texturing, glazing, and firing. Learn techniques of sculpting with clay in this interactive hand-building class. For beginners and up; all levels welcome! Class size is limited. All supplies and kiln fees are included in this low cost. If you want to contribute any additional funds toward our material costs of this workshop, we appreciate additional contributions.


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