VineArts Boise

Type Your Artist Statement Here

Instructions: Type your artist statement directly into the form below (max. 900 characters). Make sure to drop off your artwork at Vineyard Boise during drop-off hours (click here to see the next exhibit theme with drop-off hours).

Artwork dropped off must have an accompanying statement typed directly into this page to be considered for any exhibit.

Deadline for typing this artist statement must be followed in order to be considered.

To submit more than one work or series, submit your first statement, then hit “Enter Another Statement” to enter another one.

Warning: This form automatically cuts off your artist statement paragraph at 900 characters, which is approx. 150 words.

HELPFUL HINT: Type and edit your artist statement (up to 900 characters) on your computer FIRST. Then highlight and copy it, and paste into this form’s artist statement paragraph when you get to that step. Limit 3 artworks or series. (For a series, write one statement to represent the entire series.)