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Current/Recent Exhibits | VineArts Boise

VineArts Boise

Current/Recent Exhibits

Gallery hours at Vineyard Boise are Monday through Thursday, 9am to 5pm, and Sundays 8:00 am to 1:00pm.


“Greater Love”

March 18 – June 28, 2020

Think of the greatest love story ever told. What comes to your mind? We’re exhibiting 2-D and 3-D artworks that explore themes of friendship, sacrifice, kindness, and family, whether based on our own friends or family, people we’ve read about, people who inspire us, people in history, or people in scripture. Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13
Ever wonder what real love looks like? Substitute your own name into I Corinthians 13.

January 19 – March 1, 2020

“I Lift My Eyes Up to the Mountains”Mountains-image-VineArts

Our January art exhibit explored metaphorical and literal mountains, through the lens of life and scripture: having faith that moves mountains; personal victories in an area and “climbing” your metaphorical mountain; how God raises the humble and brings down the proud to level the mountains; the feet of good news traveling to the mountains; Jesus praying alone in the mountains; looking to the mountains for help from God, and well as a plethora of mountain imagery created in various media.

Fall 2019:

Standing on the Edge of Glory by Carmilla Malgren

Standing on the Edge of Glory by Carmilla Malgren

“Come Holy Spirit”

We explored what the Holy Spirit means to us through:

  • worship
  • healing
  • the power and love of God for us
  • being a vessel of God’s Spirit
  • what it means to be naturally supernatural today
  • the acts of God and signs and wonder in the Bible
  • exploring the roots and history of the Vineyard movement
  • celebrating God with us in the local church

“H2O” Water Imagery ExhibitForest Waterfall_lores

(July 18 through October 6, 2018) This exhibit featured water imagery in all mediums. Some was formal (just for the beauty of it), while other work was abstract or conceptual. Water has 3 states of being: liquid, solid, and vapor. Come and explore the issue of clean drinking water, scenes of fog, waterfalls, the molecular structure of ice, global weather patterns, the percentage of water on earth or in the human body, the effects of water on plant and animal life, the different sounds water can make, and scriptural references about water in the Bible. 

“Amazed” Art Exhibit

Photo by Tom Barrett on UnSplash

Photo by Tom Barrett on UnSplash

January 17 – April 1, 2018

The current VineArts exhibit is about being gobsmacked, astonished, awe-struck and amazed! Think of the way visual art and poetry can communicate mystery and wonder. You can convey the intricacies of science, the astonishment in real miracles, the wonder of grace, the splendor of creation, or the beauty of little things that most people don’t notice. “The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.”  Albert Einstein

Recycled Art ExhibitEntering Time by Jessie Nilo and Treila Korn

September 2017 – Jan. 2018

Enter into the act of transformation and reclaiming wonder. Create artwork using old and discarded materials from trash, thrift stores, etc. 75% or more of each artwork must use recycled or discarded materials. Media: 2-D and 3-D including sculpture, woodworking, assemblage, collage, photography, painting, charcoal, mosaics, metalwork, fabric, collage, glass, etc. Your subject and artist statement can focus on just about anything, as long as your art uses recycled materials.

“We have a tendency as human beings to look at the global environmental condition and we get overwhelmed. We think it’s a lost cause. I would say that there is always graffiti to clean up, and there is always recycling that needs to take place. The environment is in trouble, and it is going to take everyone’s creative effort. Take on big conservation projects and do missions, wherever you are… I’m thinking about writing another book titled something like Small Footprint, Big Handprint. The idea is that you render your life down to the things that will count, so that you make a smaller carbon footprint on the earth and leave less negative damage on it. By living more simply and rendering it down you have more impact — that’s the Big Handprint of God on the world around you. It’s a priorities issue and a lifestyle issue… Let’s get free.” — Tri Robinson, founding pastor of Vineyard Boise Church, in an interview with Vineyard USA in 2012

“Come to Rest”Rest photo

Summer 2017

This exhibit celebrates our God-given need to hit pause… mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Explore the expanses of calm refreshment, and enter healthy rhythms of Go that alternate with Slow.

“Bloom Where You’re Planted” poppies

Winter/Spring 2016-2017

What could be more invigorating than a colorful array of flowers through the gallery? Our VineArts exhibit during the worst Idaho winter in recent history featured flowers of all kinds, in every medium: stained glass, photography, sculpture, paper, fabric, collage, poetry, drawings, paintings — whether the execution style is ornamental, conceptual, or abstract — expressing ourselves artistically through the glory of the flower! Consider the symbolism of flowers in the resurrection of Christ, or explore the various references to flowers in the Bible, but the flower is truly one of the greatest witnesses for God all by itself. The prerequisite for this show will be the presence of a flower (or more than one) as a central theme in your artwork.

Fall 2016: Parable: Tell Me a Storyparable-tell-me-a-story-image

Exhibit dates: Nov. 6, 2016 – Jan. 10, 2017

Exploring the parables Jesus told through a variety of media (creative writing, drawing, photography, 3-dimensional art, etc.)

“The chronological order of the parables … is quite a lesson by itself. The first group of parables focuses on the fact that there’s a new story being told, that it’s not to be hidden, and it serves as a foundation for what’s coming next. We then have the very important Parables #12 (sower and four types of soil) and #13 (weeds among good plants). This is followed by a group of “Kingdom of Heaven” parables (growing seed, yeast, valuable pearl, etc.). Now that the foundation has been built, Jesus gets into the behavior parables—how he would have you act as a Christian in different situations as a disciple, worker, or tenant. He then moves into using your talents well, remaining watchful, and finally into judgement. Basically it’s the progression of a Christian life.” –from www.swapmeetdave.com


Summer 2016: HeartSongheartsong title type

How do you best connect with God and with people? What is your primary love language? How do you convey love, gratitude, or emotion? Perhaps your spirit is reached the most profoundly through serving others, through experiencing the 5 senses, through study and devotion, through music or another form of the arts, through ritual and tradition, through being in nature, or through friendships and being in community with others. You’re invited to express the ways you process emotion and imagination, or show us what love or worship means to you. Let your heart shout out to the Lord! What makes you cry? What brings you joy? What emotions describe your relationship with God?

Sing, dance, write, draw, paint, and more…

What is your HeartSong?


Spring 2016: The Portable Templeportable temple

Easter Exhibit

Sharing your story and inspiration about “Being the Church” through drawing, sculpture, poetry, painting, fabric arts, photography, writing, metal arts, and more. We ARE the church; what does it look like to worship, celebrate and glorify God, encourage each other, and study His Word together inside and outside of this place?

What does it mean for us to be inhabited by God wherever we go for the sake of the world?


Christmas 2015: LOGOS: The Word of GodLOGOS title

Logos is Greek for “word.” All artwork in this exhibit features typography and lettering (in any language), and also has to do with the nature or character of God, how Jesus came to earth for our sake, and/or the spiritual significance of Christmas.

What is the meaning of God’s love letter to the world?
“The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us” (John 1:14).

Typography is the style, arrangement, and appearance of printed letters on a page.

Fall 2015: The Garden of God


“Lord of all creation, of water, earth, and sky…”  We’re revisiting our first VineArts exhibit from ten years ago!  The handiwork all around us exhibits God’s very nature and glory (Romans 1:20). God made the earth filled with things that are not only good physically, they are also beautiful to the eye (Genesis 2:9).  Get outside and create, either in cultivated gardens or in wild, untamed nature– and photograph, write, paint, sculpt, sketch, or build/ assemble your response to the beauty, harmony, balance, repetition and variation that the Lord has spoken into existence for his own pleasure and to share with us, his creation– in the beginning, as well as today. And please think about what it means to protect and steward this amazing earth responsibly. 

Spring 2015: The JourneySandal

Where have you walked in your own journey, either spiritually or physically or both? Have you ever taken a pilgrimage? We invite you to explore and respond to a traditional model such as a Stations of the Cross, which is the journey Christ took on His way to the cross; or relate places and journeys you’ve personally walked and what you’ve discovered in the unfolding road of your life.

Winter 2014-15: In Black & White

10855013_831717186886956_2643197814140681666_oWe are exploring artwork that is only grayscale or black and white.

What if my artwork has any color in it?
…Then it will not be accepted into this particular show. If it doesn’t fit, just wait for a different VineArts exhibit (see back page).

What if my artwork contains a mildly muted color or tone,
such as very dull sepia or dull blue that’s not very noticeable?

…This decision will be at the discretion of the jurors. Color is not to have any noticeable presence in this exhibit.

What should my artist statement be about?
…Ask yourself what significance your piece has for you, possibly regarding:

• expressions of beauty, pain, or emotion
• the quality of light and/or shadow in this piece
  spiritual symbolism or meaning of this piece
• attributes of texture, shape, line, or negative space in this piece
• poetry, scripture, or a question this piece brings to your mind

Christmas 2014 Exhibit: Light of the World 10612873_10154893743280652_8931343462394985009_n

A special 4-week introspective exhibit created for our church by the VineArts leaders. This is different from our traditional congregational exhibit. It’s an interim show that’s up for only one month, with the theme ofLight of the World” to explore the incarnation of Christ entering the world. A special section ofLight of the World” featured artwork by Mark Kessler, a longtime VineArts leader who in December passed away after a year-long battle with cancer. Mark always shined his light for Christ within Boise’s downtown art community, and we dedicate this exhibit to our friend and brother.

Fall 2014: Seasons alte-uhr-uhr_19-124608

Seasons of life; seasons of weather; seasons of age; seasons of change.

“There is a time to dance as surely as there is a time to die. Every man dances—must dance; every man cries in bitterness of soul—must cry, for his sorrow is very great. Is it right to dance? You may as well ask, Is it right to breathe? It is not a question of right or wrong, it is a question of necessity … There is a time to cast away stones,—to uproot, abolish, tear down, and destroy; and there is a time to construct, to build, and to make strong. The great thing is to know the time, and to say the right word at the right moment.” –Joseph Parker, 1882
Are you entering a new season? Do you find it easy or difficult to trust God’s timing for your life? To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven… Ecclesiastes chapter 3.


May 2014: Beautiful

What is beautiful to you? In the summer of May 2014, we celebrated beauty. Artist and author Manuel Luz suggests beauty is not as subjective as it seems; it’s created by God for God, and it’s found in the majestic and the mundane. It’s found in the spirit and through our five God-given senses, in cities and communities and unexpected places. Poet Luci Shaw says there is a price involved when we stop to “pay” attention (Philippians 4:8). As His children, we are first to recognize Him as Designer: the brilliance of light and color, lines and forms and contrast, subtlety and complexity, shapes and textures… His nature is beautiful, we are His poetry, and we are creative after our Father.

“Second Chances: Mercy and Grace”

Second Chances title wall

Title Wall designed by Dana Moon Long

“People need loving the most
when they deserve it the least.”

—Jim Elliot (a missionary killed in Ecuador while ministering to native warriors; later the warriors came to Christ)

Mercy:  The withholding of punishment shown to an offender; abstaining from the degree of strictness or severity deserved; relieving another’s distress or misfortune.

Grace:  The sovereign gift of totally undeserved kindness, shown by God to man; an unexpected act of kindness or compassion; undeserved or ill-deserved favor/gifts.

Who deserves another chance? God is a God of second, and 77th chances, and His mercies are new every morning. What greater mercy has ever been shown when He sent His Son to die for us? He is limitless, continually creative when we make choices that get us off track, and able to lead us to a new path. It’s never too late for a do-over. It’s never too big or small an act to show someone else the extravagant love, mercy, and kindness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Check out loads of scriptures, quotes, and food for thought about our Second Chances exhibit written by our VineArts leaders here.