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The schedule below reflects the newest “UPDATER” published on June 23 2018.

Forest Waterfall_loresJuly exhibit: “H2O”
Water Imagery Exhibit

Entries Due July 15, 16, 17, or 18, 2018

Everyone is invited to submit artwork. This exhibit will feature water imagery. All media are welcome! FAQs about the water theme are below. ENTRY PACKET: Pick up your entry packet now in the VineArts Gallery hallway, or click here to download your required entry packet materials. Click here to see the exact drop-off dates, times, and drop-off locations for “H2O,” along with some scriptures and food for thought on this subject. 


Q.  Do I need to submit water imagery that has a certain theme for H2O?

A.  No, there’s not a certain theme. Your imagery can be formal (just for the beauty of it), abstract, conceptual, etc. The image can convey emotional meaning and/or represent spiritual references, but it doesn’t have to. 

Q. What forms of water could I convey for this exhibit?

A. Water has 3 states of being: liquid, solid, and vapor. You could explore the issue of clean drinking water, scenes of fog, waterfalls, the molecular structure of ice, global weather patterns, the percentage of water on earth or in the human body, the effects of water on plant and animal life, the different sounds water can make, scriptural references about water in the Bible, etc. There are many approaches to the subject of water.

Q. What if I submit artwork with water in it that isn’t really noticeable?

A.  Our jury will decide. We’re looking for artwork that at least partly involves water as a visual or conceptual factor, not just some random puddle in the corner making water “technically” present somewhere in your image.

Artwork dropped off without a corresponding artist statement typed into our website will not be considered for acceptance.

Coming mid-October 2018: PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT

Minimum photo size 8×10” or outer frame dimension of 11×14″ for smaller matted photographs
must be framed • no collages

Don’t miss our Photography workshops coming this summer at VineArts!