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Photo by Jf Brou on Unsplash

Next Exhibit

Coming July 24, 2019:

All Creatures Great and Small (an Animal Exhibit)

Entries Due July 21, 22, 23, & 24
When submitting artwork, bring your physical entries and entry packet to Vineyard Boise, and type your Artist Statement(s) into this link.

Everyone is invited to submit visual art or framed poetry about animals! All mediums are welcome, including sculpture, photography, drawing, painting, fabric arts, poetry, recycled art, and more. Pick up your entry packet now in the VineArts Gallery hallway, or click here to download your required entry packet materials. Click here to see the exact drop-off instructions for the “All Creatures Great and Small” exhibit, along with inspiration and food for thought as you prepare your artwork.


Q.  Do I need to submit animal imagery that has a certain theme?

A.  No. Your imagery can be just for the beauty of it, or it can convey a concept or emotion, or it can represent a spiritual theme.

Q. What types of animals can I convey for this exhibit?

A. Images of any type of mammal, bird, amphibian, reptile, mollusk, arachnid (spider), insect, or fish at any stage of growth are welcome. Framed poetry about animals is also welcome for this exhibit. You can explore issues of endangered species, domestic pets or wild animals, the scientific wonder of animals, how animals affect us and each other, or scriptural references about animals in the Bible. There are many approaches to the subject of animals.

Q. People are mammals, can I convey a person for this exhibit?

A. No.
But a person can be included, if an animal is the focus of the art piece.

Q. What if I submit art with an animal in it that isn’t readily noticeable?

A.  Sometimes animals camouflage themselves or leave footprints or skins behind, and that could be your focus, making us search for it. Our jury will decide, but animals need to be the main subject of your piece… not just a random bug in a corner that’s “technically” present in the image.