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Entering Time by Jessie Nilo and Treila KornRecycled Art Exhibit

Entries Due Sept 24, 25, 26, & 27, 2017

Enter into the act of transformation and reclaiming wonder. Create artwork using old and discarded materials from trash, thrift stores, etc. 75% or more of each artwork must use recycled or discarded materials. Media: 2-D and 3-D including sculpture, woodworking, assemblage, collage, photography, painting, charcoal, mosaics, metalwork, fabric, collage, glass, etc. Your subject and artist statement can focus on just about anything, as long as your art uses recycled materials.

Pick up your entry packet now in the gallery hallway, or click here to download your required entry packet materials.

Click here to see the exact drop-off dates, times, and locations for “Recycled,” along with some scriptures and food for thought on this subject.

“We have a tendency as human beings to look at the global environmental condition and we get overwhelmed. We think it’s a lost cause. I would say that there is always graffiti to clean up, and there is always recycling that needs to take place. The environment is in trouble, and it is going to take everyone’s creative effort. Take on big conservation projects and do missions, wherever you are… I’m thinking about writing another book titled something like Small Footprint, Big Handprint. The idea is that you render your life down to the things that will count, so that you make a smaller carbon footprint on the earth and leave less negative damage on it. By living more simply and rendering it down you have more impact — that’s the Big Handprint of God on the world around you. It’s a priorities issue and a lifestyle issue… Let’s get free.” — Tri Robinson, founding pastor of Vineyard Boise Church, in an interview with Vineyard USA in 2012

Artwork dropped off without a corresponding artist statement typed into our website will not be considered for acceptance.