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Our Leadership Team | VineArts Boise

VineArts Boise

Our Leadership Team

VineArts has around 20 volunteer leaders who imagine, create, and help others to imagine and create in various areas of the arts at Vineyard Boise Church. These leaders are nothing short of AMAZING.

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We grabbed a few of our art leaders one day back in 2009 and interviewed them (below). Here’s what they said.

Art and Mystery

That place deep within us, and exploring what it means to be human.

VIDEO: art and mystery

Jesus, Beauty, and Creativity

Art is not what we worship. If we look to God first , the sky’s the limit.

VIDEO: Jesus and Beauty


Everybody can play in this ministry.

VIDEO: Inclusiveness in Art Ministry

“As an Open Studio Monitor, I volunteer for an easy job! It’s easy for 2 reasons: 1)  We have amazing monitors! They are faithful to come every week and to show love and kindness to all who come to create.  2)  Our favorite times are when we connect with a person and we can speak words of healing to their heart and build relationship with them. Many people have been told that they aren’t creative, art isn’t important, or any number of negative messages. It’s especially thrilling to see a person begin to believe in themselves and flourish in their creativity! That’s why it’s so easy to be a studio monitor; it’s FUN! Come in and play with us!”
–Dana Long, VineArts Leader