VineArts Boise

On Starting an Art Ministry

When VineArts began back in 2004, we had no idea what in the world we were doing. All we knew for sure is that …

• God loves artists,

• God loves his Church, and

• Beauty belongs in the church.


And we also knew that in a lot of artists’ lives, their artistic experiences and church experiences rarely overlap.



So, we stumbled around a lot, did a lot of wonderful things, and learned a lot of things that we’d like to share with others!

If you’re a Christian visual artist or pre-artist* who desires to love people through creating art, consider signing up for our new international online school in art ministry that we’ve developed, called Art Fruition.

The name Fruition signifies it’s time to move beyond talking, to start engaging the artists of the Church, doing the Lord’s will creatively here on earth. It’s time to see, touch, smell, and taste beauty and the fruits of the Spirit through visual art.


For the past couple of decades a lot of churches have been theorizing about “why” the church needs art. It’s time for “how” — how to get our hands dirty; how to grow and harvest a wealth of applications in fine art which have been planted before us. We will certainly learn more and branch out as we go. This is just the beginning.

We’ll launch our first group in September 2015 and run the course through the end of April 2016. Signups are limited. Learn more at our Art Fruition website!

Also, VineArts Founder and Director Jessie Nilo has made dozens of art ministry videos on her YouTube Channel. Check it out and watch them all if you like!

* pre-artist: One who enjoys experiencing other people’s art and wants to learn artmaking for themselves; prior art experience not required, only a willingness to try new things.