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Welcome to VineArts | VineArts Boise

VineArts Boise

Welcome to VineArts

By on March 7, 2011

VineArts is the local art ministry of Vineyard Boise Church. We empower and equip artists and non-artists to explore and develop their God-given creativity while educating and challenging people to grow artistically and spiritually.

This arts ministry began in 2004. Our creative group now includes dozens of regulars and hundreds of participants. We’re passionate about serving God, the church, our community, and artists.

VineArts is for artists and for non-artists. That pretty much covers everyone. Why? Because God made everyone in His image, which means we have all been given the gift of creativity.

Everyone should discover and develop their God-given creativity because it makes us more fully alive. We can help you regain your creativity. It takes courage to jump into art if you’ve never been here before, or if it’s been a long time. Beginners, intermediate, and advanced are welcome. Through art you can heal, worship, appreciate, play, express, explore, and communicate. Good things are God’s invention.

And if you have a career in the arts, we want to invest in your development. Artistically, we’ll cheer you on. Spiritually, we’ll come alongside you in your journey. Maybe you feel alone and misunderstood. Maybe perfectionism is killing you, or harsh critiques have left you wounded. As Rory Noland says, “The world doesn’t need more thick-skinned people.” Artists are created to feel deeply, and we need each other to survive. God is for you. We are for you.

Not every church has an art ministry, and not every artist has a church. So come and play, regardless of whether you’re a member of Vineyard Boise. Whether you’re in Idaho or somewhere else in the world, please join the conversation. Tell us how God’s moving in the arts in your location, or how He’s stirring your own creative heart.

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  1. corinna
    February 24, 2012

    I am so intrigued that art has a ministry. It almost seems to good to be true. I have been creative my whole life and knew it came from God. My lifes journey has taken me to many undesirable places and skewed understanding of what God is and what he wants from us. I am very confused and have many blurred perceptions of the “truth”. I have been searching lately again for that spirit… trying to figure some things out. It feels like it makes perfect sense that Art has a place in ministry… I would like more information. I have a strong practical back ground in the world of “arts”.
    Kind regards,

  2. Jessie
    March 9, 2012

    To Corinna, and anyone else who is hungry for artistic community:

    You can join VineArts regardless of distance or whether you attend any church. We have a thriving community of artistic and spiritual support on our Facebook page (search for “VineArts Boise” in Facebook, then hit the “LIKE” button on our page in order to join).

    Infinitely better would be to attend “The Creative Church” conference in the summer of 2012. We are putting on two conferences: One in Indianapolis June 15-17, and the other in Boise, Idaho July 13-15. Each is three days of solid interaction and discussion with artists who are discovering their gifts and learning to minister to one another through their creativity.

    You can also interact with me on my blog about art ministry at http://lonelyartminister.com/

    Finally, here in Boise, Vineyard College of Mission is launching a 5-month creative arts ministry school starting October 2012. The ministry school is open to all denominations and will feature a wide scope of professional Christian artists representing several fields of expertise, custom-designed for each student. Our focus will be equipping leaders and artists for ministry work inside of their own local church, wherever God may lead them. Classes will meet every Tuesday and Thursday evening for spiritual and artistic training from October 2 until March 4.

    I encourage you to stay in community as you explore the creative spiritual potential inside of you. God bless.

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