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Art at a Retreat for Abused Women

By on April 19, 2010

One of our VineArts leaders brought some art activities to a local retreat specifically for victims of domestic violence. Each woman had a lifetime of grief and pain to work through, and doing art helped their healing process. Here are some of the women’s written comments to Sherri afterward:

“Sherri presented a story in three parts, which coincided with three images, drawn on paper, taped to the wall. Her story and voice were powerful, concrete, and breathtaking.  I sat in awe and disbelief as Sherri’s art exercise she had set up for us distinctly provided me with the tangible, visible images I would be using in what feels like the uncovering of the last layers of my sexual abuse and the healing of my wounded heart and soul.”

“Sherri, the art project was a very good way to express our moods and emotions. It was a way to “release” the struggles within that so many of us have harbored in our souls. Everyone’s story was different and yet your art project brought us together in unity and as one body of sisters in unity with one another.  It was amazing to see the color on the canvas “unfold” and become a beautiful work of art, to be in awe of.  And the dividing of the pieces was awesome as well.  How each person got a piece that represented her somehow, it was remarkable.”

“I have never painted before and have always been afraid of trying.  Sherri provided an art project for our group tonight and I painted for the first time.  It was so energizing and healing.  I helped paint a picture of Jesus.  Being able to connect on this level with my Savior was a very special moment for me.  Having the opportunity to paint was a blessing in my Journey of faith.”

“Sherri, I am so thankful for your willingness to come to our retreat and do art with us.  I was so fearful of doing anything artistic because I am not very talented, but when we did the wall hangings I found it is so much more than the ability to draw specifics.  It is healing, and it was such a beautiful outlet for me.  I am so grateful for the experience and I only wish I would have chosen to do more!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Sherri, the art experience doing 3 group paintings left me feeling so uplifted and self empowered.  I always cringe and resist art as therapy or for pleasure.  Your method made it easy to get involved and feel successful.  I loved working side by side with the other women.  And I was absolutely stunned by the beauty of our creation.  It gave me such joy and pride that I (we) could create something so beautiful.  I love the passion I felt amongst us as we created.  Once we got started you couldn’t stop us!!  I especially loved the individual stories that went with each painting.  And you gave us (them) such Godly meaning.  Thank you for blessing us with your gift.”

“I loved the art and Sherri.  She made it safe to express my feelings and try water color for the first time.  Her vision of the creating 3 paintings and each of us taking a piece of one home will forever minister to my heart.”

“Sherri, God has determined that I start the journey of healing recently and it is very painful. What a blessing to come to camp and meet other sisters in various stages of their healing – very encouraging. Only 2 weeks ago the deceiver was convincing me that my life was worthless and should be over.  God held me and convicted me that He is going to make me a warrior in His army to help fight for His girls. This camp has brought encouragement, love, strength, and healing.  A creative side has started coming out but I didn’t know what to do with that.  Thank you for showing me some ideas for my little girl to express.”
Susan R.

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